I can't download the meditation album to my phone.

If you are trying to open these files on your mobile, you need to download an app that allows you to unzip files.

For iOS (iPhone, iPad) iZip and iFiles are popular options. For Android try the Winzip app.

Another quick way to open the files is to download them to a computer and then moving them over to your device.

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    Yvonne Ngaire Berntsen (Lowe

    Hi,  I'm rather a newbie.  I purchased Gabby's book May Cause Miracles, and having just started Day one, are having trouble finding the meditations for this evening.  I am already working the AA 12 Step-programme, nearly 2 years, and now want to add this alongside that as well.  Does this have to be done all through my iphone???  Not very tech savy sorry.


    Looking forward to hearing from you, however for tonight, I will do my own meditation and head to bed, have had such a fantastic day filled with epiphanies left right and centre.





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    Kari Harris

    Hi Yvonne, 

    It's wonderful to hear you are going through May Cause Miracles. If you can please reach out to the support team at support@gabbybernstein.com they will be able to help you with the album and finding the meditations. XXo

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