How to apply for coaching...

Working with a coach is a powerful experience. The one-on-one nature of coaching allows for remarkable transformations often in short periods of time. A coach provides guidance and support so that you can create a life filled with peace and unfiltered joy. 

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    Erik Evensen

    I am interested in finding out more about everything that your group has to offer.

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    Laura A Jackson
    I am looking to find my inner peace again.... For myself and for my children. I am about to leave my marriage, to a man suffering from PTSD after serving over seas in the beginning of the war. My husband suffers from what I have grown to understand as cycles and when this happens he releases his inner anxiety pain sadness and anger. He is a wonderful but broken man. I will always love him but he is not healthy for myself and my children. Through the years I have forgotten who I am. Who I was before having children, and the woman he fell in love with. I had completely removed myself from the stove let alone put myself on the back burner. So I am making steps to value myself again. Find the strong woman in there I need help
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